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Initial supplies for newbuildings

Initial supplies for ships built in China, Korea or Vietnam

Initial supplies for newbuildings

For many years, initial supplies for vessels built in China, Korea or Vietnam are an important segment for us in which we have gathered lots of experienced due to the number of deliveries performed by us until today. For each of our customers we offer to work out an individual tailored quotation – made for every vessel individually, which can then be brought to perfection in close cooperation with the customer.

We invite you or your local supervising team to take a personal look at the equipment which we offer “on site” from our warehouses in China. You can then choose the quality standards by putting hands on the equipment personally and choosing you’re the right equipment for your needs. By choosing the equipment from our local warehouses, a lot of costs and time can be saved compared to deliveries from Europe.

Technical Ship supply

  • Safety equipment
  • Fittings
  • Brooms, brushes, paint supply
  • Work equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Chemical-/ technical products
  • Tools and Power tools
  • Kitchen and pantry supplies
  • Bearings
  • Etc.


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