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Ship supplies

Spare parts and marine equipment, running supplies and original equipment for new buildings.

We are the missing link to Chinese Manufacturers

N&P Maritime- und Industrietechnik GmbH founded a sister company in 2019 – Missing Link – Manufacturers United GmbH.

“Missing Link” is since then our new “Supplies” division – focusing on even more international suppliers and partners.
We now do not only offer spare parts from our long time existing Chinese partners, Missing Link has also built relations to South Korea, Japanese and Indian suppliers.

Therefore our spare part division has grown and is able to offer you even more choice of quality spare parts from the smallest screw up to a complete floating dock or vessel.

Give it a try and take a look:


Ship supplies

Spares and ship supplies, running supplies as well as initial supplies for new buildings.

Anchors and chains
Ropes and wires
Initial supplies
Firefighting equipment
Spares for ships safety equipment

Ship supplies in China

We supply ships in almost every Chinese port from our local stores and ware houses. Thanks to our long-time local experience we know the ways to reliably assure the supply without any delays to your vessel.

We know our customer´s quality demands from our daily communication and visits for which reason we have a full coverage of their demands and standards. Yet our local ware house is a price efficient base for your ship supply.

Technical Ship supply

  • Safety equipment
  • Fittings
  • Brooms, brushes, paint supply
  • Work equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Chemical-/ technical products
  • Tools and Power tools
  • Kitchen and pantry supplies
  • Bearings
  • Etc.


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