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New Building Supervision, Dock repair supervision, offered out of one hand with our professional engineers.

New Building Supervision

N&P Maritime- und Industrietechnik origins from shipbuilding and steel works for the marine industry. Working for famous shipyards in Germany in the yacht- and commercial industry, N&P has gained highly professional experience since it´s beginnings in the 1970s.

Beginning in the early 2000s, N&P opened its own office in Shanghai/ China, supporting customers with our professional knowledge for building their vessels in shipyards in China.

Since then, we have supported many customers building their vessels according to highest standards and assisted in knowledge transfer, assuring to follow requested regulations and rules, avoiding claims by checking every step on site already with our naval architects and professionals.

Resulting from the new building supervision, we also use our knowledge to assist our customers for ship repair assistance, offering steel works, repairing structural damage on voyage or in port/ shipyard.

Always keeping in focus the time pressure to keep the customers vessels.

Supervision services

  • New Building Supervision
  • Dock repair supervision
  • offered out of one hand with our professional engineers


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