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Ultrasonic measurement

On-Voyage thickness measurement – price worthy and efficient

Ultrasonic measurement

Ultrasonic measurements generally give a good picture of the of the vessel´s steel- and structural condition. They are therefore preferred to provide an overview of needed steel repairs and replacements before docking a vessel.

Most thickness measurements can be performed during voyage and are more cost efficient than thought. We can provide a suitable quotation for your vessels too – feel free to contact us anytime!

Following table provides you an exemplary overview of a possible scope for on voyage measurements:

Container Vessel Bulk Carrier
10 years 15 years 10 years 15 years

Transverse section* X X X X
Wind and water strake** O O O
Hatchcover and coamings X X X
Fore and aftpeak tank* X X X
Selected blkh´s in C/H´s*** X
Exposed main deck plating X
All deck plating incl. under deck structure
in way of hatch openings
One webframe ring in each WBT and DB* X
All Webframe rings in each WBT and DB* X
Forw. and aft blkh.
In one selected side ballast tank*
All bulkhead´s in WBT and DB* X
Aft blkh. C/H no.1 accr. IACS UR S19 *** X X
All C/H blkh´s incl. upper and lower stools*** X X
All shellframe in C/H no.1 accr.
IACS UR S31***
25% of shellframes in each remaining C/H*** X
50% of shellframes in each remaining C/H*** X
50% of shellframes in each remaining C/H
when tonnage is exceeding 100.000t***
Gauging at bottomshell and seachest O O O O

What can be finished during the voyage?
WBT, deckpl., hatchcover and coamings up to 100% if accees is granted
C/H on bulk carriers – lowerpart of shellfr. blkh.-stool and innerbottom***

X – Gauging during the voyage or at port stay
O – Gauging in dry dock

* Access to ballast tanks must be arranged by sufficient deballasting and ventilation
** Shall be carried out in ship yard with basket crane
*** Except lower and upper stools, cargo hold´s must be free of cargo and no cargo operation durig UTM staging and / or basket crane might be necessary


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Ultrasonic thickness measurement

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